Monthly Archives: November 2016

Young Barristers take the IBA Conference 2016

I attended the International Bar Association Conference in Washington D.C. in September 2016. I was able to attend the event thanks to the Bar Council and the Criminal Bar Association International Legal and Professional Development Grant. The IBA conference took place over five days and 7,000 delegates were in attendance. It was an opportunity to hear from leaders in the

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What is a ‘young barrister’?

Well for a start we are not necessarily young…. The question that I have been asked repeated this year by other barristers, senior judiciary and politicians is “what is a ‘young’ barrister?”. How do we, at the Bar Council, ‘classify’ our most junior members? The Old Definition  For the past 52 years the Bar Council had defined its young constituents

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Pro Bono – The Business Case

Pro bono work contributes to the public good. In doing pro bono work barristers forgo paid opportunities. The primary motivation is, or should be, altruistic. So far, so obvious. Through all our work, we create value. In transactional terms, anyone undertaking pro bono work will have decided that the value added to the client (and/or society in general) will outweigh

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