Marketing your practice

Help to build you own practice; engage in Chambers’ marketing; get involved in developing marketing idea;
show off your knowledge by lecturing, book publishing and editing


  • Chambers may leave marketing to clerks, practice managers or staff. This doesn’t mean that junior barristers can’t be involved.
  • If Chambers runs seminars or talks, then attend, and get to know other attendees. Find out if you can speak or sit on a panel to give your perspective or to discuss developments in the law. Senior members of Chambers are often delighted to let junior barristers participate in talks in exchange for help with research and preparing Powerpoint slides.
  • If your chambers has a marketing committee, look into the possibility of joining it or suggest ideas for events. If your chambers doesn’t have a marketing committee then you might suggest starting one, though you will probably wish to feel your way forward on this: in a more traditional set the head of chambers or committee chair may prefer to approach you if they want help. Keep an eye out for issues which crop up in your work which you think might make good material for a seminar or talk, and offer to organise one. Make sure your clerks or management committee know you are interested in assisting with marketing. Above all, be proactive.
  • More senior members of chambers or teams may contribute to practitioner texts or encyclopaedias, Westlaw etc. This is a good opportunity to impress others in and outside chambers with your detailed knowledge and commitment. Get involved if you can. And if there isn’t a book or practitioner text in an area of law in which you practice, then start writing it!

A senior clerk says:

“Turn up at events – whether you’re speaking or involved or not. Go and listen. Offer to look after the registration desk. It is rare not to be able to make contacts at drinks receptions afterwards, and you will get your face and name known. If you go to an event, ask your clerks if they know anyone who’s likely to be there and might be a useful contact. Writing articles is a really good way of getting yourself known too.”

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