Problems with the allocation of work can cause stress, particularly if you feel you are not being treated fairly.

Don’t forget that the BSB Handbook rule C110 requires Chambers to undertake equality monitoring, and to review on a regular basis the allocation of unassigned work. This includes work allocated to pupils, barristers of fewer than four years’ standing and barristers returning from parental leave. Rule C110.3.i requires barristers to ensure the fair distribution of work opportunities among pupils and members of chambers.

Monitoring unassigned work effectively is possibly the most difficult BSB rule to comply with. Those that have succeeded in producing meaningful reports have found them extremely helpful in practice review discussions with individual barristers.

If your Chambers does not have an effective monitoring system you might find it helpful to speak to your former pupil supervisor, Head of Chambers and clerks to encourage them to support one. The Bar Council’s Equality and Diversity Helpline can offer practical guidance on how to go about developing monitoring processes.

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