The Bar Council, the BSB Handbook and professional guidance

  • There is a wealth of information on the Bar Council and BSB websites. It’s well worth searching them for ethical and regulatory guidance, as well as helpful documents relating to all sorts of practice issues and areas.
  • It is important that you know the rules that govern your professional conduct, not only for your own benefit but so you can recognise if others fall below the standards expected of barrister. You will be guilty of serious misconduct yourself if you fail to report a barrister who has committed serious misconduct to the BSB (see BSB Handbook, rC66-69, where there is guidance as to what constitutes “serious misconduct”). If you need to make a report, or wish to talk to the BSB about a possible reporting situation, contact the BSB Professional Conduct Department on 020 7611 1445.
  • The BSB website is the place to go for:

– Reminders of regulatory requirements (dealt with above)
– Details of CPD requirements at, and
– Practising certificate guidance (see above).

Unregistered Barristers

There is especially helpful Guidance for Unregistered Barristers (i.e. barristers without practising certificates) on Supplying Legal Services and Holding Out at BSB Handbook, Code Guidance). It gives a lot of detail on what a barrister who has been called but not obtained a practising certificate may say about his qualifications in any other working environment.

The Bar Council

Details of all Bar Council services are at In particular:

  • Training courses – see Member Services – Training Courses – especially on public access and public access top-up for barristers and clerks, litigation training, and on money laundering/POCA, credit management, and business development and marketing.

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