Useful organisations at the Bar





Society of Asian Lawyers Jo Sidhu QC
Society of Black Lawyers Peter Herbert
Association of Muslim Lawyers Amjad Malik QC
Association of Asian Women Lawyers Hanisha Patel
Association of Women Barristers Neelam Sarkaria
Panel of Disability Advisors Sam Mercer
Bar Lesbian and Gay Group (BLAGG) Claire Fox and

Hassan Khan

A full list of contacts is available here: 


The Bar Council has a Disability Panel with a range of expertise. Members are able to provide barristers with specific advice relating to a range of disabilities and their impact on practice, including mental health and HIV/AIDS. . In the first instance contact Sam Mercer at

Harassment and Bullying

Remember that harassment and bullying is behaviour that makes someone feel intimidated or offended and is unlawful under the Equality Act 2010. It is for the individual concerned to determine whether they feel intimidated and/or offended. 

Reporting to the BSB

Barristers are guilty of serious misconduct if they fail to report serious misconduct by others to the BSB (BSB Handbook rC66 and gC96).

The BSB requires that all Chambers must have an Equality Officer, who is sufficiently senior to be able to act efficiently with complaints.  At the commencement of pupillage, most Chambers now give pupils an introductory manual enclosing a copy of its Equality Policy and which will include a policy on handling grievances and complaints.  If you are not given one, have a look on the Chambers website (many Chambers now publish them publicly) or ask the clerks to let you have it.

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