Young Bar Primer Series

The Young Bar Professional Primer Series is a series of seminars aiming to promote young Barristers as a useful resource to members of other professions. The idea is to add another level to the work that the Bar Council, and the Young Barristers’ Committee in particular, do to support young barristers. The working title for the series is “The Professional Primer” as this provides a foundation of legal knowledge for members of different professions.

Seminar 2: Is International Cooperation dead?

13 March 2018

17:30 – 20:00

International law and order must continue to thrive in an evolutionary age.

Since the Second World War, global governance has developed through a rules-based international order centred on Treaties and International Organisations, with dispute resolution conducted by International Courts and Arbitral Tribunals.

Recently, however, this approach has been the focus of closer scrutiny and challenge.

How legitimate and accountable are these structures?

Are they fit for purpose in the 21st Century?

On 13 March 2018, the Young Barristers’ Committee, in partnership with the Royal Commonwealth Society, will be hosting a seminar that looks at these issues and more, focusing on:

  • the functioning of and interplay between International Institutions;
  • Investment Treaty Arbitration;
  • Human Rights; and
  • Public Policy.

Join the Foreign Office Legal Adviser Iain McLeod and a panel of other expert speakers.

The session will be followed by a drinks reception, which will be the perfect opportunity to meet other internationally-minded professionals.

To register, visit: 

For further information, please contact

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