End of Tax Year Checklist for Young Barristers

On 5 April 2018 the 2017/18 tax year closes and, with it, does the opportunity to use a number of generous allowances and exemptions. To assist young Barristers in navigating the end of the 2017/18 tax year, the Young Barristers’ Committee have teamed up with Saunderson House to prepare a checklist of items that you should consider in advance of 6 April.

The allowances below may appear attractive, but it is important to note that making use of any allowances should always be considered in the wider context of one’s overall financial position.

For example, reducing debt or building up potential capital could preclude young Barristers from making use
of some or all of the below.

✔ Check your carry-forward allowances
✔ Pay into an ISA
✔ Take profits from existing investments
✔ Consider reducing mortgage debt
✔ Talk about it

For further information, please read the attached Special Briefing from Saunderson House. Alternatively, if you interested in having your portfolio reviewed, please contact Simon Maydon (Associate Director, Saunderson House) on simon.maydon@saundersonhouse.co.uk or via telephone on 020 7315 6546.

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