About the Young Bar Committee

The Young Barristers’ Committee (YBC) is one of the main representative Committees of The General Council of the Bar.

Led by a Chair and Vice-Chair, it comprises elected members of the Bar Council (employed and self-employed barristers) up to 7 years’ practice, as well as barristers who are co-opted to ensure representation from different practice areas and all Circuits. It currently has over 20 members, employed and self-employed, specialising in civil, criminal and regulatory work, from both in and out of London.

As part of its routine activities, the YBC provides extensive input to the Bar Council’s responses to official consultations and Bar Council policy initiatives. In 2016, these have included representations on future training for the Bar, a review of civil justice procedure, and the Advocates Graduated Fees Scheme. YBC committee members also sit on various SBA committees, providing valuable input on young bar issues. The Committee meets six times a year.

Role and responsibilities

To promote and represent the interests of the young Bar within the Bar Council and beyond; to advise the representative committees of the Bar Council on all matters of concern to young barristers; and liaise with the Bar Standards Board on matters such as:

  • Training and entry to the Bar
  • Pupillage
  • Fees and public funding
  • Practice management
  • Regulatory and rule changes
  • Equality and diversity
Terms of Reference

To advise the representative committees of the Bar Council and their sub­-committees on all matters which appear to the Young Barristers’ Committee to be of particular concern to young barristers, or upon which advice is sought by other representative committees or sub­committees of the Bar Council, and to liaise with the BSB on such matters as necessary

  • To take such steps as seem likely to promote the interests of the Young Bar having regard to the interests of the Bar as whole, and
  • To elect a Chairman and Vice-­Chairman amongst their number.

Chairman: Duncan McCombe (Maitland Chambers)

Vice-Chairman: Rick Hoyle (Essex Court Chambers);

Executive: Onyeka Onyekwelu (The Bar Council)

Committee Members: Aadhithya Anbahan (St Ives’ Chambers); Alex Cisneros (No.5 Chambers); Tom Cockroft (3 Temple Gardens); Elisabeth Cooper (St Johns Buildings); Lucy Conroy (12 College Place); Katie Cromwell (Keating Chambers); Diana Deju (Government Legal Department); Diane Doliveux (Tanfield Chambers); Helena Duong (23 Essex Street); Rhys Evans (30 Park Place); Nia Gowman (30 Park Place); James Holmes (Garden Court Chambers); Michael Jones (Dean’s Court Chambers); Rupert Jones (Citadel Chambers); Athena Markides (Crown Office Chambers); Amy Lush (3PB Barristers); Lisa McCormick (11KBW Chambers); Francesca O’Neill (1 Chancery Lane); Laurence Page (Hardwicke Chambers) Charlotte Pope-Williams (Bank of England); Sam Roake (Charter Chambers); Kate Rogers (St Philips Chambers); Shabana Saleem (Charles Russell Speechlys); Benjamin Seifert (Drystone Chambers)

Duncan McCombe


Rick Hoyle


Onyeka Onyekwelu