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Handling complaints made against you

You are probably an excellent barrister. This does not mean you will never face a complaint, and it certainly does not mean you will never get things wrong. If you do receive a complaint, there are good resources available online. Members of the Bar operate a confidential advisory service for those against whom a complaint has been made – see

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The Bar Council, the BSB Handbook and professional guidance

There is a wealth of information on the Bar Council and BSB websites. It’s well worth searching them for ethical and regulatory guidance, as well as helpful documents relating to all sorts of practice issues and areas. The BSB Handbook is available at: There is an electronic version compatible with smart phones and tablets – see and click on

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The first years of practice – regulatory requirements

Supplying legal services – A pupil can only supply legal services to the public once they have completed (or been exempted from) the first non-practising six months of pupillage and if they have the permission of their pupil supervisor or Head of Chambers to do so. All barristers in their first three years of practice following pupillage must work either

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Childcare and other personal commitments

How to make your mark at the Bar while maintaining a personal life There is a whole section of the Toolkit devoted to wellbeing and work-life balance. Members of the YBC offer the following additional tips. Finding a work-life balance may seem very difficult or impossible in your first years. It is essential to maintaining mental resilience and dealing with

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CPD: How best to choose your points

Details of the mandatory requirements for pupils and new practitioners are online. See Please note that the rules have changes as of 1st January 2017 and are detailed in rQ130-138 of the BSB Handbook. Make sure you do a required course from your Inn or, for those over three years’ call, the Keble advocacy course. CPD is intended to

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