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The pros and cons of specialising; how soon to decide on specialisation; how to support a specialist practice; which set is right for you if you want to specialise; which specialisation is right for you; ways in which to develop expertise; websites, journals, specialist associations; getting known You may have known that you want to specialise in a particular area

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How to conduct yourself as a pupil

The demands of Chambers; the clerks’ expectations – first six, second six; third six pupillages; devilling; payment for work as a pupil; equality and diversity issues; discrimination and how to handle it; work life balance; how to conduct yourself in Chambers “I didn’t go to the loo for the first week in Chambers because no-one told me where it was

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Building and managing a practice: the self-employed Bar

This section of the Toolkit looks at many of the practical issues associated with the early years of practice at the Bar. It contains tips on how to conduct yourself, and how to get on in Chambers, as well as regulatory information. It does not include information on getting pupillage: there are lots of other online resources about this –

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