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Useful organisations at the Bar

Organisation   Contacts   Society of Asian Lawyers Jo Sidhu QC Society of Black Lawyers Peter Herbert Association of Muslim Lawyers Amjad Malik QC Association of Asian Women Lawyers Hanisha Patel Association of Women Barristers Neelam Sarkaria Panel of Disability Advisors Sam Mercer Bar Lesbian and Gay Group (BLAGG) Claire Fox and Hassan Khan A

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Dealing with criticism

A barrister says: “Don’t fall for robing room games. Some barristers positively enjoy trying to put off their opponents by ostracising or intimidating them. It isn’t you. They’re just playing games. Ignore them, as you would any other bully.” It is not unusual for barristers, especially those who are inexperienced, to be subjected to unwarranted criticism. You can protect yourself

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Mentoring supports wellbeing and helps build resilience. Many Inns and Specialist Bar Associations have mentoring programmes in addition to those run within chambers. The Bar Council also runs a mentoring programme which is gradually being extended to support all those who need mentoring across the Bar. Details can be found at: Social support from people who understand your background

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Problems with the allocation of work can cause stress, particularly if you feel you are not being treated fairly. Don’t forget that the BSB Handbook rule C110 requires Chambers to undertake equality monitoring, and to review on a regular basis the allocation of unassigned work. This includes work allocated to pupils, barristers of fewer than four years’ standing and barristers returning from

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